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Is Covid-19 really what it seem to be? This is just the start...more to follow. #InfoCensorship

Updated: May 6, 2020

In this Covid-19 Series, you will see what is really taking place regarding not only treatment options, but suppression on ALL platforms regarding any alternatives to a Vaccine. Take a look to get an idea. Please leave a comment below...your opinion can make a difference. (Click on the Log in/Sign in below or above).

Key Points: (with Video Time)

3:20 - Crackdown on free expression

3:30 - Video taken down from YouTube

4:25 - Google, YouTube have openly banned dissent (refusal to accept norms).

5:10 - Removal of all information that does not meet the World Health Organization (WHO).

7:20 - Collusion between Media, Tech, companies and Information platforms

11:00 - Social media censorship

14:00 - Who owns your data?


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