Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Telehealth?

Telehealth s the use of technology to access medical care at a distance. With telehealth you can connect with a provider, get medical advice, and get a prescription if necessary,— all from the comfort of your own home. Telehealth is often provided through secure websites and apps, and it can use different technologies, like: Text Video chats Phone calls Today, it’s easier than ever to use telehealth services. As technologies related to telehealth continue to evolve, so will the ways for you to connect with an online doctor. This is a guide to help you learn about different types of telehealth services, from primary care to physical therapy to mental health. Telehealth primary care allows you to get medical care from the comfort of your own home. You can often see a provider the same day, compared to possibly waiting weeks for an in-person visit. Telehealth primary care services are also available outside of regular business hours, which can be helpful if you work during the day. Though you won’t see your telehealth primary care provider in person, the visit will be similar to a traditional doctor’s appointment. You’ll still meet with a licensed physician and have the chance to discuss your symptoms, get medical advice, and get a prescription if necessary. Your telehealth doctor may also order lab tests, X-Rays etc for you, if needed. In some cases, you might still need to see a provider in person. Your telehealth doctor may suggest you schedule an in-person appointment as a follow up. Or you may discover that you need to have an in-office procedure (like a breast or prostate exam, colonoscopy, or mammogram).

What conditions can be treated by Telemedicine?

Some common conditions that can be treated by Telemedicine include: - Diabetes, - Hypertension - High Cholestrol levels - Certain types of muscular strains/tendinitis - Thyroid Conditions - Acne - Some Mental Health issues such as Anxiety and Depression [NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR IF YOU ARE FEELING SUICIDAL - IN SUCH CASES SEE A DOCTOR IN PERSON]. - Some Sexual Transmitted Diseases. - Erectile Dysfunction - 'Morning after' prescriptions. - Mild Ear infections - Minor eye issues - Prescription renewals.

How do I make my payments?

There are a number of options for online payments: - PayPal (Secure Credit Card payment). - Endcash by Republic. - Direct online Transfer to RBC or RBL. - At the moment, we are not accepting direct Credit Card payments, as PayPal is less costly, and globally established secure platform. - However, it is being looked into.

Will my visit be covered by my insurance?

All efforts will be made on our end for this, as this in fact a medical visit, that you've paid for. Our system hasn't evolved to the point of accepting digital signatures, but given the current scenario, it is hoped that this will soon be rectified.

How does the medication delivery work?

  • Currently delivery is to Port of Spain and environs and across the East-West Corridor up to Arima. We have started to expand to some locations in Central Trinidad as well.
  • For our Delivery Time, we offer delivery of Prescription and Over-the-Counter medication from Monday to Friday between 9:00am - 5:00pm, within 3 Business Days of the prescription being filled/the order being placed by the Patient.

How safe is my information ?

Your information will only be accessible by you, and the physician. You will be asked to setup a username and password to which only you will have access to. Your nformation will be available via a access through a secure web portal either via an internet browser, or an app which you will be asked to download. Your information will be available to you at all times. - Certain large files such as CT and MRI images which are very large may not be stored due to their size, but the report will.